Just Breathe

So pretty much these last couple of weeks have been strange. I’ll admit, it’s been difficult for me to accept the changes happening in my life right now. Living at home, social distancing, online schooling, and not being able to work have all been major adjustments for me (as I’m sure is the case for many of you too). As a senior in college I won’t get to have a portfolio show, a graduation ceremony, or get to study abroad. My immediate reaction (feeling sorry for myself) is, “now what do I have to look forward to?” As these major celebrations and experiences are being taken away, it’s been difficult for me to think positively about the future. Deep down, I know I am being selfish for thinking this way. Yes, the present situation might not be what I had planned for myself. But, in these last couple of weeks I’ve also learned that sometimes I need to slow down. Don’t rush, plan, or worry about what is going to happen next. Just breathe. Take time to enjoy the little things that I have once taken for granted — time with my family, time to do things for me, home cooked dinners, the ability to move my body, this beautiful spring weather, and the endless support from friends and family. As the world seems to be coming to a standstill, it feels like it’s God’s way of saying “slow down.” Take a break. Breathe. And trust that everything will be okay. So today, that’s exactly what I am going to do. That’s all for now.


Carlena Meili

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